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Give 1 Project launch

Give 1 Project launch

In August 2012, the Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) of Western Australia launched the Give 1 Project - an exciting call-to-action campaign for corporate giving in Western Australia.  The CVC challenged Western Australian corporations to involve their workforce in volunteering and to establish a strategy around regular volunteering opportunities for staff.

The Give 1 project centres around the concept of giving one: day, person, hour or 1% of staffing hours to volunteering and corporate giving. 

Launching the Give 1 Project at a breakfast on the 9th of August, John Poulsen, CVC Chair and Managing Partner of Squire Sanders said "volunteering provided meaning for his staff beyond the work that they do". As part of the campaign, organisations including Atlas Iron and Azure Capital participated in a day of volunteering on the 5th of October and other companies including Alcoa engaged staff in volunteering activities throughout the month of October.

Some of the corporate volunteering strategies include:

  • Staff volunteering embedded in company strategy throughout the year

  • One big day of volunteering once a year

  • A highlight month of volunteering across the organisation

  • Skilled volunteering by professional services staff staggered during the year

To get involved or find out more, connect with the Give 1 Project via Facebook