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PwC Volunteering

PwC Volunteering allows organisations to tap into the diverse skill sets of their 5,500+ people across the country to help achieve positive change.

Released in October, the simple and accessible internal platform allows staff to offer their professional skills through volunteering, matching their skills and interests with the needs of the sector. The hope is that the platform will give the Not-for-Profit sector better access to PwC staff and their extensive skills.

The range of skills of PwC staff is wide and varied, and includes technical skills in areas such as audit and accounting, management consulting, human capital management, risk, digital change, tax and legal, as well as in areas such as communications, marketing, business development and stakeholder engagement.

Not-for-Profits are able to submit a request for a volunteering opportunity to the platform online. It is advised to allow up to 3 weeks for a response to a request whilst in its initial stages, with a response to all requests anticipated within 10 days following this first phase.

For more information on how to create an opportunity and access the request form, as well as a list of PwC skills and examples of previous volunteering activities, visit