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Rio Tinto's new microsite showcasing their Community Investment in WA

Caring for community: Rio Tinto supports Better Beginnings, an early literacy program with the State Library

Launched in August 2013, Rio Tinto's new microsite aims to showcase how their corporate investment, together with government and community contributions, can make a positive and lasting difference to critical issues impacting Western Australia’s education, health, environment, culture and regional sustainability.

As a large employer, operating in Western Australia for nearly fifty years, Rio Tinto is committed to supporting the development of Western Australia and creating lasting benefits for the community that can be enjoyed by all.

"We believe that working in collaborative partnerships with other businesses, government and community groups is the best way we help achieve this goal" said Rio Tinto's Community Investment Manager, Trisha Comerford.

The Community investment (CI) review reports Rio Tinto’s annual financial and in-kind community contributions. It documents state-wide and regional community investment priorities, partnerships, sponsorships and donations; employees in the community initiatives; community infrastructure and services contributions; and engagement with Aboriginal Western Australians.

"While communicating investment figures is important, we are most proud of the great work being undertaken by our partners and employees as a result of these contributions. By shining a light on their activities, we pay tribute to the incredible people tirelessly making our communities a better place to work and live" said Ms Comerford.

For more information and to view Rio Tinto's Community Investment activities in WA, visit: