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A unique approach to giving: Future Generation Investment Fund

Future Generation Investment Fund Limited (the ‘Company’) (ASX: FGX) has dual objectives: provide investors with diversified exposure to Australian equities with fund managers’ various investment strategies and styles; and make a financial contribution to charities supporting children at risk.

The Company will invest its capital with fund managers who have agreed to provide their services for 0.0% management fees and 0.0% performance fees. The pro bono support of these fund managers, as well as various service providers, will allow the Company to donate 1.0% of its assets each year to Australian children’s charities. Where forgone fees are greater than the charitable donation, the balance will be for the benefit of shareholders.

Director Geoff Wilson said: “Investors can access prominent Australian fund managers in a single investment vehicle while also helping to improve the lives of children at risk. Because there are no management and no performance fees, the Future Generation Investment Fund model delivers exceptional value to shareholders.”

“This would not be possible without the generous support of the fund managers who have agreed to provide capacity to the Company in their managed funds at no cost,” said Mr Wilson.


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