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Deloitte recently launched its Micro-volunteering@Deloitte platform, allowing employees to volunteer their time, skills and experience – entirely online.


What is micro-volunteering?

One challenge faced by traditional volunteering is mobilising volunteers at the right place at the right time. Using an online volunteering platform allows users to login from a laptop or smartphone anywhere in the world, and complete a challenge to assist a charity in need.


How does it work?

Users create a profile by registering their skills and interests, and proceed to solve ‘challenges’ for charities. Most challenges can be completed within 5-15 mins, and generally require some knowledge or experience in an area, but can often just be some creativity. Some examples of challenges include:

  • CanTeen – “Help us improve our CanTeen app!”
  • Good Return – “Help us brainstorm a one-month campaign”
  • Oxfam – “Know a thing or two about Marketing Automation?”

What impact is this having so far?

The positive impacts of this initiative can be seen through the feedback from charity representatives:

  • “We got some awesome ideas. Thank you to everyone who helped out! You were fabulous!! :)” – The Greening Project (WA)
  • “Thank you to everyone who proposed solutions for this challenge! We will be applying your ideas and rolling them out over the coming weeks” – Birds of Passage (NSW)
  • “Thanks so much for your feedback. It's really appreciated and we'll take everything you said on board in the transformation of the app!” – CanTeen (National)

The initiative has provided more than $23,000 worth of volunteer hours to charities to-date. Embedding the program into on-boarding and graduate programs is another way Deloitte hopes to continue increasing participation in the initiative.


Can I register my charitable organisation on the platform?

Yes – visit the following link for more information and sign up instructions:


Can I participate in micro-volunteering too?

Yes – even if you’re not a Deloitte employee, you can join the global platform and participate here: