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Canvas: Woodside’s new forum for connecting with community

Woodside’s new community networking forum, Canvas, is designed as an avenue for staff, partners and local communities to connect, talk and share.

The forum is a place to have conversations about Woodside’s social investment activities and discuss the difference that can be made through working together with the community.

Opportunities for communication are provided through blogs, discussion forums, stories and case studies, and news and events.

Once registering as a Canvas community member, guests can create new discussions and comment on blogs and posts, and by contacting the Canvas team they can become a registered blogger and contribute blogs or articles.

“Distinct from our other social media platforms, Canvas is about creating a dialogue that is driven by the community and our community partners”, said Jo Ferrie, Woodside’s Social Investment Manager.

Canvas aims to bring the community along on the Woodside journey and discuss the prospects and challenges that affect communities everywhere.


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