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WA leads the growth in giving

The latest available independent giving statistics, produced by the ATO, show that Western Australia has had the highest increase in donations from 1996-2012. In average dollars donated, this rose from $142 to $507 per donor, the strongest improvement of all States, and places WA above the national average for the first time.

These latest statistics from the ATO for the 2011-12 year were analysed by John McLeod, JBWere Philanthropic Services, and shows that over the period 1996 to 2012, WA has gone from 7.8% to 10.0% share of Australia’s total tax deductible donations. This has been the strongest gain of all states. Most of this gain happened since 2004, with the last three years being especially strong.

Giving West's annual publication: Giving in the West features many initiatives that are contributing to the philanthropic landscape of the State; a collaborative collection of giving stories, case studies, statistics and trends. The full publication is available here.

Giving West Chair John Poynton said: “We believe there is a definite shift in attitudes towards giving in WA, creating a ripple effect of philanthropy that we trust will lead to sustainable cultural change in the Western Australian community.”

Given these statistics do not include 2013 figures, significant gifts made through Private Ancillary Funds and to the UWA Centenary Campaign, it is a strong basis on which to deduce a stronger and growing giving culture in WA. An increase in higher profile giving over the past couple of years holds hope for a flow-on increase in broader participation rates.

“What a terrific outcome, and it’s really only just begun. Western Australians punching above their weight again and again”, says Atlas Chairman, Western Australian of the Year and Giving West Board Member David Flanagan.

Over the last three years, there has been broad support for giving of all kinds in WA and for the Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector. It is possible to discern change in the community’s attitude towards more sustained, structured and effective giving.

Additionally, the efficiency, governance, transparency and collaboration in the NFP sector are improving significantly. This greatly encourages efforts to promote greater and more effective giving in WA. We trust the WA community will further reap the benefits of the economic success of the State. It is certainly trending in the right direction. The case studies, supported by statistics, in the Giving West publication indicate WA giving is in good shape.

Giving West Board Member Tonya McCusker said: "Western Australians should be extremely proud of the fact that recent national giving statistics highlight significant increases in donations, and for the first time, we are placed above the national average for giving. Whilst we are certainly the lucky state, with vast deposits of resources and scientific expertise, unfortunately much need still remains in our community. When socially conscious corporates and individuals step up to meet that need, it demonstrates we are a compassionate, caring society."

The link to the full publication is:

The data provided was initially published on the ATO website at the end of April 2014, and continues to be updated as further tax returns are lodged. The source is John McLeod of JBWere Philanthropic Services.