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Focus on philanthropy in the media

Business News has added additional focus on philanthropy in WA with a 24 page feature “Giving Well - WA’s guide to giving”.   The feature followed a recent Business News boardroom lunch which invited a range of community and business leaders to discuss philanthropy in WA.  Attendees included Giving West CEO Kevin MacDonald and board members Mrs Tonya McCusker and Ms Jan Stewart.

Key issues and opportunities discuss at the boardroom lunch and profiled in the feature include: the challenges of measuring social investment; growth of private philanthropy and innovative social enterprise models.

During the discussion on measuring social investment Kevin MacDonald said “Part of the problem is the complexity of it; you’re trying to measure quite a complex and heterogeneous sector”.  Mr MacDonald also commented on the ability of Not for Profits to capture outcomes based data given the resource pressures on the sector.  The way forward is to share knowledge and learnings. “What you need is some frameworks and guidelines and a central repository of what works and what doesn’t” Mr MacDonald said.

The feature was launched at Business News Success & Leadership forum on the 27th May.  Guest speakers and panellists Mr John Poynton AM, Mrs Tonya McCusker and Ms Annie Fogarty called for greater giving and more effective giving in WA. 

“We need to give back.  We do have a duty and responsibility at all the different levels you are at to help those in need.” Mrs McCusker said

The speakers shared their stories of philanthropy, starting with one off donations to Not for Profit causes to leaders in philanthropy with structured philanthropic approaches.   They also acknowledge the great leaders in philanthropy in WA, and the legacy they have left for our state.