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Corporate Giving opportunities and information

Corporate Giving opportunities and information

In WA, companies are focusing on the shared value of supporting the community as part of their strategy, developing long term projects that enhance a community service or NFP organisation.  Corporate foundations and grants programs are being created to better manage giving programs, creating more structured long-term partnerships with NFP organisations; transitioning from year-by-year programs to 3-5 year partnerships.

Global research indicates that the commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (even during a downturn in the economy) can have positive impacts on employee engagement, customer loyalty and company revenue.

Research and anecdotal evidence also suggest that the benefits of Corporate Community Investment and Corporate Social Responsibility programs include:

  • Building Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into the Strategic Plan that aligns with company objectives and brand; increases employee engagement and customer loyalty. 
  • Developing long term support partnerships with NFP; provides financial sustainability and capacity building for the NFP and the sector.
  • Building a flexible CSR program through time, cash and in-kind contributions, leveraging staff and clients; provides strength to the CSR program in challenging economic periods.

An area of focus for companies is to enhance measurement, monitoring, evaluating and reporting to create sustainable social change and discernable impact.  Whilst there has been an increase in interest in measurement and reporting, more can be done to enhance reporting as part of continuous improvement review of social investment programs; as well as supporting the capacity in the NFP sector for program measurement.




Establishing a grant, fund or scholarship is a highly effective way to provide long-term support for a cause or issue and bring the needs of a particular area to the attention of the wider community.

Grants and scholarships also allow you to provide development opportunities for a group of the community, or to fund research into areas and issues that align with your company values.

A grant or scholarship may be directly associated with a learning institution or any other existing organisation, or administered through an independent body such as a family trust or foundation.


Many organisations, including major corporations with a big presence in Western Australia, encourage workplace giving.

Companies in Australia are increasingly viewing corporate philanthropy as an integral part of business and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Most favour a multi-faceted approach, which is why programmed workplace giving may be strategically important.

In addition to encouraging and enabling staff to give money, some corporations have matching programs. They may also allow staff to have paid time off for volunteer work with their charity of choice. Workplace giving may include salary sacrifice. This makes tax deductible contributions part of the regular pay cycle rather than just something that people think about only at the end of the financial year.

Research shows that the level of workplace giving is increasing again after falling during the Global Financial Crisis and that corporations are encouraging staff to become involved.


We often come across Corporate Giving:

So thought we'd create a page to share knowledge.





  • Celebrate WA - Western Australian of the Year Awards
    • The Western Australian of the Year Awards recognise the highest level of contribution made to Western Australia by those born and bred in Western Australia, or those who have chosen to make Western Australia their home.
  • The Australian Business Awards
    • The Australian Business Award for Community Contribution recognises organisations that implement policies or execute projects that positively impact on the community and generate outcomes that have a long term benefit.
  • AIM WA WestBusiness Pinnacle Awards
  • Westpac Community Leaders Awards
    • Partnership for Purpose: Partner organisations that show concerted thinking and apply methods of collaboration to reach a common social sector goal (the nominee's organisation needs to be the partner of the nominator's organisation).
    • Social Entrepreneur: Open to leaders (from any sector) using innovative solutions to solve social problems (organisation must be in operation for more than a year).


Corporate Community Investment networking and education events

We hold a number of networking and education events, in collaboration with our knowledge partners. 

To express interest for our upcoming events, please contact us


New initiatives

Giving West
  • An initial report of corporate giving and measurement, developed by Giving West, in collaboration with LBG Australia & New Zealand

WA Corporate Giving Index report


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