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Kids and Philanthropy

There are lots great stories about kids helping others. 

Raise money to donate to a charity   
Help a neighbour
Volunteer for a local community group
Donate things like toys or blankets to people who need them

Here are a few websites that can help you find ways for Kids to Give

Support a charity

Kids Who Give WA

Kids Who Give WA is a program that encourages and nurtures the social conscience of young people, and celebrates and rewards outstanding acts of care, kindness and giving by young Western Australians.


Cupcakes for Cancer

Do you love cupcakes? Are you passionate about the fight against cancer and want a delicious & fun way to do your bit? Then Cupcakes for Cancer invite you to join the cupcake craze and help us put the icing on the cake for charity!



GiveNow - online donation hub

A website that you can search for charities and community groups, find out what they do and who they help.  If you'd like to donate money, ask an adult to help you with the online donation.

YoungImpact100 - collective giving

Are you aged between 6 and 18? Are you interested in how to make a difference, or are you keen to understand how community charity works or what the ethics of good giving are? YoungImpact100 provides a fun and supportive environment and enables each individual to experience the many positives of giving back to the community.


Random acts of Kindness, is when you do something nice for someone in your community.  This website is from America - it has a few videos of kids who do something nice for someone in their neighbourhood.