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Giving Circles and Collaborative Giving

Giving Circles are a group of donors that pool their funds and decide, as a group, which cause or project to give to. It's a collaborative approach to giving. Some local examples below:

  • Impact100 WA
    • Impact100WA gathers at least one hundred people to donate $1000 each annually and then pool their contributions to make large impact grants to WA-based projects that are collectively chosen by the donors at an annual Grant Awards dinner. Donations are fully tax-deductible and the whole $1000 donation goes directly toward the grants.  
    • For more information visit:
  • Impact100 Fremantle
    • Impact100 Fremantle gathers at least 100 donors to each contribute $1,000 annually and then pools the contributions to make high impact grants to charities and projects in the Fremantle area.
    • For more information visit:
  • Meridian Global Foundation
    • Founded in 2005 by a group of Perth-based business people looking for a way to connect with like minded philanthropists and give something back to their community.
    • By supporting Meridian part of your donation will also contribute to building an investment fund designed to ensure a legacy of donor funds to impact future generations.
    • For more information visit:
  •  100Women
    • 100 Women is a Perth-based giving circle with a focus on women. The group's vision is to help create a world where all women and girls can live safely with access to health, education and economic freedom.
    • For more information visit:
  • Perth Soup


  • YoungImpact100
    • Are you aged between 6 and 18? Are you interested in how to make a difference, or are you keen to understand how community charity works or what the ethics of good giving are? YoungImpact100 provides a fun and supportive environment and enables each individual to experience the many positives of giving back to the community. 
    • For more information visit

Links to more information on Giving Circles:


A guide to collaborative giving:  "Give Together" is available at: