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Considering a board role?

A great way to support not-for-profits (NFP) is to volunteer your time on a board, using your skills to build capacity for the organisation.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors have a great resource outlining the duties and responsibilties of an NFP director, and the opportunities for career development and progession:  The also provide courses for directors, Austrlaian Company 

Another organisation provides an Emerging Leaders in Governance Program  This program was initially set up to engage young leaders on aged care boards but has since expanded.

Both of these organisations will also know of board opportunities, from their member network.  If you are a alumni of Leadership WA, make sure you're signed up to their communications as they also know of board opportunities.

Things to consider:

  • Why: What's your passion, what inspires you in community, who would you like to support.  Consider the types of NFPs you'd be interested to work with.
  • What type of skills can you bring to a Not-for-profit board.  Understanding what skills you could bring is important, but it's equally important to listen to the NFP about what they need.
  • How much time do you have to offer, does this meet the needs and expections of the NFP.  Expected engagement of the board will vary between organisations, so it's imporant that you are able to committ to the required operational and governance oversight and general activites such as reviewing board papers and attending board meetings. 


Other good source for board positions are: (type "Governance, Board, Committee' in keyword then search (select 'Board / Committee Member' then select 'Western Australia' then search) 


Other useful links: