About Us

Make giving a way of living in WA


We like to think of Giving West as more than just an organisation; we see it as an ethos, a way of life in WA.

As John F. Kennedy said: “a rising tide lifts all boats”, and that is what we are trying to achieve with our call for greater contributions of “time, treasure and talent” from business, industry and individuals to make giving a way of living in WA, and create a better community.

Western Australians have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the community, as recent research indicates that we are in an era of engaged philanthropy, community investment and increased social responsibility.


Giving West is a not-for-profit with a purpose to facilitate and promote effective giving in Western Australia.


Make giving a way of living in W.A.

  • Facilitate: Provide local connections and knowledge on effective giving
  • Promote: Promote adoption of effective giving in W.A.

We commit to:

  • work collaboratively
  • pursue excellence
  • act independently, with integrity and respect
  • Giving Insights - public awareness on giving trends, statistics, case studies and opportunities
  • Giving Strategy - donor education on good practice knowledge, resources and success factors
  • Giving Connections - donor leadership roundtable discussions and philanthropic advisor connectons 
  • Collaborations - bringing people together for cross sector discussions and collaborations to address community issues; encouraging place based and issues based philanthropy
  • Advisory services - giving strategy, measurement and analysis


Promote good giving stories to inspire Encourage NFP collaboration   Collaborate for greater impact Facilitate good practice and knowledge sharing  Develop initiatives to grow giving  Connect through giving networks 

Working in collaboration we:

Provide giving workshops and seminars  Share research and statistics    Connect givers with advisory services
  • Collaboration Partners – Established strong partnering arrangements to deliver programs and education.
  • Community Engagement - Giving West has held over 60 education and networking events, with over 4,700 individuals, corporations, not-for-profits and “Next Generation” change makers attending, including two Not-for-Profit forums.
  • New initiatives – Giving West supported the launch of new initiatives, including: Impact 100, Kids Who Give WA, WA Giving Index and WA Giving Hub.
  • PR and Media – Increase in media engagement and support, including social media and Give1
  • Measurement Statistics - Significant increase in average donation size and amounts given.

A Giving West donor fellowship is a thought leadership group for giving in Western Australia.  Fellowship provides:

  • local connections, shared case studies and roundtable discussions on giving, and
  • sector collaboration to address community issues.

If you are interested in our thought leader for giving in Western Australia program, we’d love to hear from you.

For more information, contact us


We offer a variety of opportunities to partner with us, including sponsoring our sector collaborations, educational knowledge programs, roundtable discussions, networking events, publications and more.

If you can see the potential in being associated with Giving West and would like to invest in a tailored sponsorship opportunity that will leverage your brand, we'd love to hear from you.

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We commit to:

·        work collaboratively

·       pursue excellence

·        act independently, with integrity and respect




·        Provide local connections and knowledge on effective structured giving, and

·       Encourage and facilitate greater sector collaboration to address community issues.