"The moment one definitely commits oneself, the Providence moves too
All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. 
A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favour
all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which
no man could have dreamt would have come his way,
I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets:

'Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. 
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now'
- W.H. Murray, The Scottish Himalayan Expedition


Through the support of our board, collaboration partners and our extended network we are developing a number of exciting projects to increase in the level and effectiveness of giving in Western Australia. 

Giving West implemented major strategic projects and initiatives:


  • A WA Giving Index:  , in collaboration with LBG. Introduced in 2012 and has since featured annually in The West Australian. The percentage of time, in-kind and cash donations are recorded, analysed and reported on several WA companies including: Azure Capital, KPMG and Deloitte. 



  • WA Giving Hub:   a collaboration between Giving West and GiveNow, has seen an increase in contributions through the portal. Average contributions rising from just under $60 in 2005 when Our Community and GiveNow first launched the portal, to an average of $85 per donation in 2014. The WA Giving Hub has raised over $2 million for WA causes



  • Give 1 Campaign:  a call-to-action campaign to promote and celebrate workplace volunteering in Western Australia.  Developed by the Corporate Volunteer Council of Western Australia



  • The Giving Landscape and Trends report focused on individual giving data, collating information on time, treasure and talent statistics and trends.  Copies of the  2015 publication “Giving in the West” is available:  here



  • The Good Giving Forum was held in 2013 and 2014. Designed for small-medium WA NFP organisations, it provided informative and practical presentations from fundraisers, individual donors, foundations and grant-makers. The forum provided information on good governance, accountability, including donor tips for making 'the ask': it assisted NFP organisations to engage with potential and existing donors to help them understand and support their cause. 



  • The ASK, a short film developed as part of the 2013 Good Giving Forum - a light hearted reflection on what to do and what not to do when you meet a potential donor. Created with the input from WA Philanthropists and NFP leaders.



  • Connection and knowledge sharing networks including Corporate Social Responsibility sessions, Next Gen networking; Communities of Interest Networks (CoINs) for Givers & Receivers



Constant review and refinement of the landscape, projects, initiatives and activities ensured progress.


Giving Hub, and online donations platform

A place where people wanting to give,
can go to find information on WA Not for Profit (NFPs) organisations or
their upcoming projects. 

A place to make multiple or regular donations
that can be made securely through one portal,
with funds going direct to the NFPs.

Giving West is assisting WA NFPs to develop a profile on a WA Giving Hub, online donations platform. The profiles are developed based on good practice templates and will aim to provide donors with information they need to make the decision to donate.

The benefits:

  • Individual fundraising pages (and guidelines) for NFPs and their causes. Fundraising pages can be linked to from the NFP's website and other NFP listings.
  • Easier searching for potential donors to find a local NFPs
  • Easier searching for NFPs to search for other organisations developing similar projects / causes - potential for collaboration
  • Consistency in the information included in the profiles, to allow potential donors to make informed decisions.
  • WA giving statistics: a summary of who's received donations today; a summary of donations to date via the website
  • Information on 'other ways to give' in WA (links to information on volunteering, donating goods, etc)

How to get involved? If you'd like to find out more about how you can get involved in the GiveNow website, please express your interest via our contact us page.

GiveNow is Australia's only free online donations website for community organisations.  It is offered free to any community group in Australia, regardless of size or purpose or tax status - as long as they meet state fundraising requirements.


WA Giving Index

Corporate giving in Australia is strong.
With the economic strength of Western Australia (WA),
it is timely to reflect on how corporates in WA contribute
to the development of community investment. 

Although there are Australia-wide statistics available, there are limited statistics on corporate giving available in WA. With an ever-increasing interest in measuring growth; Giving West in collaboration with LBG Australia & New Zealand (LBG) have developed the WA Corporate Giving Index. The aim of the Index is to showcase good giving to encourage others to measure and share their corporate giving statistics, allowing for benchmarking amongst their peers, providing a starting point for growing community investment measurement and reporting.

The Index is the first state-based data analysis exercise developed in partnership with WA corporates, sharing company statistics and showcasing their giving programs. The Index shows that the Giving West target for corporations to donate one per cent of their pre-tax profit to charity is already being met, even doubled or tripled, by some of the major players in our state. We thank and commend the companies participating in the WA Giving Index initiative. We appreciate the time they spent working with us to collate and showcase their companies’ community investment.

A copy of the WA Giving Index report will be available as a Publication in the Educate & Share section of this website.  Supplements to this report will be included as more corporations express interested in sharing and celebrating their giving programs and statistics through the WA Giving Index.

We are currently looking for new WA corporates
to participate in this years WA Corporate Giving Index!

For more information on the WA Giving Index or to register your interest via our contact us page.

For more information on LBG methodology or to discuss LBG’s involvement in the index please contact


Give 1 

Corporate Giving Campaign

Imagine the good we could do. 
One goal.  One community.  One idea.  Give 1

Many organisations think about volunteering but find it hard to know where to begin and how to get involved.  Give 1 provides the platform for all to get involved in an easy way.

Give1 is a call to action for Corporate WA - The message is simple; whether you are a small or large business you can get involved by volunteering and giving back to the community. 

In October 2012 the challenge began, thousands of people, from many WA businesses given the opportunity to take an additional day out of the office to give back to the community.  Throughout WA, people were helping in the community: assisting at animal rescue centres, senior citizens centres, and schools; clearing natural billabongs and coastal dunes; making food hampers; community renovations; all in the name of lending a hand.


Organizations all over WA giving their staff a day of volunteering with local projects, aiming to give 1 million work hours back to WA.

This is your chance to show you give 1.  Give your time, your skills, your passion, for one day through corporate volunteering.

Volunteering WA is the convener of the CVC.  The CVC founding companies are: Alcoa, Bankwest, Deloitte, Squire Sanders and Woodside with support from Giving West